Woman scrubs ‘orange’ cigarette-stained walls and discovers they’re white


A woman was left feeling sick after she made the horrifying discovery that her walls were actually white, not ‘orange’ like she thought.

Duranda Rose shared what 21 years of smoking does to a property on TikTok, where she’s known as @camelgum.

Revealing the disgusting state that the previous tenants left their home, she admitted she’d never seen anything so “nasty.”

In a video that has been liked more than 17.5 million times, a man can be seen wiping an ‘orange’ wall with a wet sponge.

As he does so, orange liquid drips down the wall to reveal the once-bright white walls.

The ceiling, lino and appliances were also covered by a thick orange layer of tar which had built up over two decades.

However, despite all of their hard work, she said the tar keeps oozing out from within the walls, which meant that they’ve had to keep cleaning.

In another video, Duranda zoomed in on the dozens of burn holes in the carpet, which could have been caused by dropped cigarettes, as she says: “How did this place not burn down?’

Duranda captioned the video: “Never seen anything like this!!!!

“21 years of cig smoke.”

Since being posted, the video has been liked more than 2.4 million times and has received more than 38,000 comments.

Viewers were mortified by the state of the property, as one person said: “Bruh they living in a cigarette.”

Another wrote: “I would just throw the whole house away.”

While a third commented: “If the house is like that imagine their lungs.”

“But IMAGINE THE SMELL,” added a fourth.