Mum shares tip for preparing garlic that will save you time and money


Garlic is an easy-to-use ingredient that gives any food wonderful flavour, whether you’re spreading it on bread, adding it to pasta dishes, or roasting it with your vegetables.

But it can be a pain to prepare.

So thankfully, a woman has shared a handy hack to make the preparation process much easier.

Posting on Facebook in the Budget Friendly Meals Australia group, the mum explained that she bulk buys garlic when it’s reduced in the supermarket.

And instead of using it all up when she buys it, she distributes it between an ice cube tray and pops it into the freezer so that it’s ready to use whenever she needs it.

She explained: “I buy a lot of it then pop it in a food processor and blend until fine then add oil and blend until smooth.

“I pop it into ice cube trays and freeze then pop them out and put into a container or Ziploc.

“I use them in everything but I don’t have time to freshly mince some every time. This is just a time saver for those who need it.”

She continued: “Minced jar garlic has nothing on fresh garlic. I can’t stand the taste of the stuff in the jar.”

The mum also said that she does the same thing for chillies, herbs and ginger so you can make flavoursome meals with ease.

This comes after a man explained how you can prevent smelly garlic breath.

In a video that has been viewed more than 365,000 times on TikTok, Roice Bethel revealed how to stop garlic from making your breath smell.

He said: “If you’re eating something with a lot of garlic, and your breath smells horrible afterward, let me show you how to fix that.”